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Driveway Construction

Use the Team You Already Trust 

Are you looking to improve your home’s value using durable, cost-effective materials? Are you in need of a functional driveway on your residential property? If you answered yes to these questions, we have the solution for you. 

Perry’s Pump Repair’s site preparation services offer a wide range of driveway construction services to fit your needs, wherever you are in Alachua County and the surrounding communities. 

From spreading and leveling fill dirt to installing lime rock driveways, we’re here to help you make the most of your property by paving the way to the places that matter most to you — creating a clear path home for you and your family. 

Driveway Prep

Gated open entrance with road driveway in rural countryside in Virginia estate with stone fence and gravel dirt path street with green lush trees in summer

To make your driveway installation process as painless and seamless as possible, our team of qualified and experienced experts will come out to your Gainesville, Florida home to spread and level fill dirt for your new lime rock driveway, taking care to do it as safe and efficiently as possible. Our commitment to excellence in all that we do ensures not just your safety but also the durability and longevity of your new limestone gravel driveway. 

Lime Rock Driveways

Limerock gravel comes in a variety of shades, from slate to white, with undertones of brown and yellow. These colors can bring out the hues of your north-central Florida home that you want to highlight to add to its aesthetic beauty. Choosing limestone gravel for your driveway can improve your home in a number of ways that affect both utility and curb appeal.

Cost Effective

When comparing driveway options, lime rock is generally more affordable than both asphalt and concrete paving. With lime rock, you get the benefit of having a driveway constructed without the high cost.

Improves Soil Nutrition

The high levels of magnesium and calcium naturally found in lime rock help restore the nutrient levels of your plants and balance the pH of your soil. This helps ensure your lawn is a deep, lush green and able to sustain landscaping.


The choice bed of railway tracks, your limestone gravel driveway can last generations. So it is a cost-effective option and will endure for you and your family and create a reliable solution to your parking issues. 

Efficient Drainage

Outside of driveway construction, lime rock is used as a drainage solution because of its natural spacing. This benefit still applies to your driveway!

Quality You Can Count on From a Name You Know

When you need a driveway constructed on your property, rely on the team you already know and count on at Perry’s Pump Repair. We pride ourselves on performing quality work backed by transparent communication and a commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. Whether you need driveway construction, access road creation, or land clearing, we tackle it all so that you don’t have to. When you’re ready for a residential driveway you can trust created by caring experts who make your satisfaction their first priority, reach out to the Perry’s team today to get started.

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