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Well Water Chlorinators

Well Water Treatment with Chlorine

well water chlorinator Perry's Pump Repair Gainesville FL A water chlorinator is a simple device that delivers a small, controlled amount of chlorine into a gravity-fed water system to disinfect contaminated water for safe drinking and other uses. Water chlorinators are extremely cheap and portable, which allows them to be used in homes in rural areas that don’t have access to public water treatment facilities. Because of their ability to clean water quickly and cheaply, water chlorinators are often used in developing countries to provide safe drinking water to millions of people where fecal contaminants and parasites are common.

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Benefits of Using A Water Chlorinator

Well water chlorinators are very cheap and easy to install, usually only costing a few hundred dollars. Once installed, the customer only has to change out the chlorine, usually in tablet form, once every few months, which makes it very easy to maintain. Water chlorinators also don’t usually need electricity to work, which makes them a very low-cost water treatment option over the long-run.

How Water Chlorinators Work

There are several types of water chlorinators, but the most common type for home use is called an in-line pellet feeder, which depends on a process called shock chlorination. In this type of water purification system, water from a well is directed through a PVC pipe to a central chamber where it comes in contact with solid chlorine tablets that slowly dissolve into the water over the course of several months. The water is then allowed to flow out of another PVC pipe where it is usually diluted in a separate storage tank and then pumped into your home.

How To Tell If You Need to Chlorinate Your Water

The most common reason for having a water well chlorination system installed is when a new well is dug on a property. Homes that depend on city or neighborhood wells don’t need to install a water chlorinator because their public water treatment facility already has one. Customers who live in rural areas, though, will need to treat their own water to remove the hundreds of possible contaminants, including harmful bacteria and parasites, from their water supply.

Water Treatment & Chlorination

Perry’s Pump Repair LLC is the best Gainesville, FL water treatment company in Alachua County. Our technicians are knowledgeable about the best chlorination procedures and products available on the market and are available night and day to help you with your water treatment requirements. We serve both Alachua County and Marion County, as well as the greater North Florida and North Central Florida regions. Call us today for a quote or more information about how we can improve your drinking water.

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