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Well Pump & Drilling Services

Well Pump Repairs, Pump Installations & Well Drilling Services

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When there are changes in the color, taste or odor of the water, it may be time to have your well examined. The well pump is located deep beneath the surface at 300 feet. If the well pump fails to transfer water from the well to your home, a Gainesville, FL well pump repair technician can be called to address the problem.

Well Pump Repair & Services

The well pump produces pressure to make water available through the well. The well pump can come in a range of sizes. Some pumps have less horsepower than others. Larger commercial pumps can be responsible to supplying water to many households within a given community. Gainesville, FL pump repair technicians step in when the system isn’t functioning properly.

Troubleshooting Well Pump Problems

A well pump repair Gainesville, FL, call can involve troubleshooting to identify issues. Our technicians may check the pump breaker to determine whether or not there is a problem. We may even check the pressure gauge to verify if there are any water pressure issues. The gauge may have a reading over 40 psi, but a filter may have to be unblocked to get it functioning correctly again. If the pressure gauge has failed or has been damaged, it can be replaced.

The water level and pump motor performance will be checked during the inspection process. A broken pressure gauge or stuck pressure gauge can cause problems with the water pump. The wire connecting the pump may have to be repaired or replaced by a Gainesville, FL well pump repair technician. There may even be a problem with a motor or a damaged circuit breaker contributing to the problem. Some connection points could have become loose. A series of troubleshooting steps are taken to identify the root cause of the problem.

Our Pump Repair Process

  • Excavation performed
  • Pipes examined
  • Wiring replaced
  • Water test
  • Water level check
  • Equipment check
  • Disassembly and reassembly
  • Pump motor performance check
  • Flow test to verify system output
  • Troubleshooting
  • Bead blasting

Hiring a Professional for Well Pump Repairs

A Gainesville, FL, pump repair technician employs standard practices to prevent the system from failing. If called earlier on, we can prevent well pump retrieval problems altogether. We can prevent any unfortunate accidents from occurring if the retrieval is ever needed.

A well pump repair technician with Perry’s Pump Repair can fix any problems you are experiencing with your well. In most cases, a repair is all that’s needed to restore the performance of the well. We can even facilitate the replacement if necessary and handle any pump installation and well drilling requirements. Our experts can prevent any unsanitary or unsafe conditions from affecting the water supply. Most repairs can be completed by our Well Services & Pump Repair technician team within 24 hours.

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