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new home well pump professional inspection gainesville ocala FLBuying a home is an exciting time for many Gainesville and North Central Florida residents, but it’s also a big investment. If you’re purchasing a home with a private well, it’s vital to have your pump system inspected by a professional before signing the dotted line on your new home.

Perry’s Pump Repair has been performing well pump and water treatment services in Gainesville, Ocala, and the rest of North Central Florida for years, and we know the common problems that new homeowners face when it comes to their water system. We’ve outlined a few reasons why you should have your well pump inspected by a professional.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is the most obvious reason to have your well pump inspected by a professional. With well water testing, a professional can uncover the hidden contaminants that might be infecting your system.

Water in Florida is especially susceptible to contaminants such as rust, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, and coliform bacteria. In extreme conditions, bacteria as severe as E. coli have been discovered in test results. Unfortunately, there are a number of environmental conditions that might lead to contamination.

Well Water Treatment

A proper sampling of the water source can be tested to see if this has occurred. After an inspection, your technician will advise you about your well and let you know if the home needs a new well water treatment solution. 

At Perry’s Pump Repair, we take the next step by offering several options for water treatment, including water softening systems, water filters, bacterial treatments, and reverse osmosis treatments.

The Details of Construction

Wells are complicated to build; they require an appropriate casing height to prevent foreign substances from flowing inside, firmly placed well caps, and protection against backflow in the pipes. Without any one of these, a well can become contaminated. 

If it’s not already compromised, construction errors can put the source of water at risk for future contamination. A professional inspection will reveal any weaknesses in these structural components.

Electrical Systems

For a well pump inspection, the electrical system also needs to be examined. The most common parts of this system are the control box and pressure switch. The best-constructed wells won’t function if these parts are damaged.

At Perry’s Pump Repair, we inspect the connections to make sure they haven’t been damaged with age or by bugs or other problems. If there is a poor connection, your system may not function efficiently or at all.

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If you’re buying a home with a well pump system, we would be happy to talk with you and inspect your new home’s system. We offer a variety of well pump repair services as well as water treatment, water softening, water filters, and much more, and we’d be happy to consult with you about any needs you have. Give us a call or schedule an appointment today!

Call in the Professionals at Perry’s Pump Repair for All Your Water Pump Maintenance Needs

A tripped water pump circuit breaker can be quite frustrating. Not only does it indicate a problem, but it keeps water from flowing into your home. While we may not be electricians, we are well pump experts, and we can tell you what needs to happen next. We’ll help you identify what the issue is, how to fix it, and treat it to last with our warranty guarantee if we can help. Call us today to see how we can help keep your water pump properly functioning and maintained.

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