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City & Municipal Water Testing

water testing in Gainesville, FL Perry's Pump Repair Water is used every day for drinking, bathing, cleaning and much more. If there is a problem with your water quality, your health or the health of your loved ones may be negatively affected. Well water is not the only type of water you should monitor. Even with inspections completed by your city, you should still have your municipal water checked regularly. A Gainesville well pump repair technician can test your water for harmful contaminants. If you’re looking for answers to your water quality questions, we can help with our professional water testing service!

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What Could Be Wrong With My Water?

There are several common factors that could cause your water to have poor quality. If there is an excess of iron in your water, it can cause red stains to appear in your sinks, bathtubs or laundry whether you can see the particles or not. The pH of your water is greatly significant. If it is too low, it may cause blue-green stains to appear in your sinks, toilets or showers and if it is too high, it can significantly damage your pipes. This damage may require Florida well pump repairs in the future if left untouched.

Turbidity in your water signifies that there is a presence of silt, precipitated oxides or sand in your water. Our water well pump repair team can check for hard water which may be a result of the presence of magnesium, iron or calcium. It has the possibility to affect your plumbing, hair, skin and your bathtub. One of the easiest contaminants to detect is sulfur. It can be identified through its smell which is akin to a rotten egg.

Testing Your Water Quality

Contacting a pump repair Gainesville service regularly for water inspections is vital to the health of your family or employees. Some issues are easy to detect while others are not. If you allow your water to remain unchecked in your home or office, you may suffer health effects or damage to your plumbing that will require plumbing repairs. You may wonder, “How often should I test my water?” It is beneficial to have water testing performed annually to ensure your water is safe.

Water Testing in Gainesville, FL

Whether you need an inspection for your home or business, Perry’s Pump Repair can assist you. Our company is family owned and operated and we will make sure to prioritize your needs as if you are part of our family as well. We provide both city and water well testing to make sure your family and employees are accessing the best water possible. If you are in need of a regular inspection or notice a problem with your water, call Perry’s Pump Repair today.

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