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Water Treatment & Conditioning System

At Perry’s Pump Repair, we handle any water quality problem, big or small. As part of our process, we test your water supplies and analyze the results for any special needs that your home’s water may have. Not all water is the same so your water treatment is designed to fit your needs.

Signs You May Have a Water Quality Problem

Are you and your family having any of the following problems?

  • Water makes your dishes look spotty
  • Orange/Red stains caused by iron
  • Blue/Green growth appearing around the base of your water spigot
  • Skin feels itchy and looks dry
  • Well water has a nasty odor or really bad sediment

Common Water Treatment Problems

While wells are a great way to supply rural homes, crops, and livestock with fresh water, a well owner may have to contend with several problems that can impact water quality. Hard water, iron, odor are all common problems that Perry’s Pump Repair LLC well pump repair company can help remedy.

Hard Water

One of the most common water problems in our area is hard water. Hard water occurs when excess calcium and magnesium are in the water. This can leave a white residue. As a reputable company, Perry’s Pump Repair can easily install equipment to resolve these and many other issues.

Bacteria & Contaminants

Another common problem for North Central Florida well owners is bacteria in their water supply. While some bacteria are harmless, others such as sulfur bacteria can cause water to have a foul odor, or bad taste. The knowledgeable water well pump repair technicians at Perry’s Pump Repair can test your water and recommend corrective measures if needed. We install a wide variety of water filtration systems to handle every type of bacteria.

Minerals & Sediment

Sediment can build up in pipes, damage fixtures, and leave grit in glasses. This problem can in most cases be easily rectified with a simple sediment filter. Perry’s Pump Repair carries filters that can service an entire house or be placed on individual fixtures depending on your needs.

Iron and manganese can also be a problem in our area. These minerals can leave water looking cloudy and leave rust stains on sinks and toilets. We have a system fit for your specific needs.

Contact Perry’s Pump Repair for Water Treatment Services

A well pump company in North Central FL like Perry’s Pump Repair can install a water treatment system to meet your needs. Our technicians are trained and educated in all types of water and its character.

A clean, functional, and sufficiently producing well is critical for homes, plants, and livestock. The certified, experienced, and professional water well pump repair technicians at Perry’s Pump Repair can diagnose your water supply issues and recommend solutions to ensure your well is meeting your needs. Contact us today!