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Solar Powered Well Pump Installation

Perry’s Pump Repair partners with SunTech Drive to provide Florida residents with the highest quality solar panels to fit their well pump. They are designed to run any brand of AC pump and are available for a variety of flow rates and well depths. If your well pump requires certain specifications, we can work together to build a custom flow or head combination that fits your needs.

How It Works

When it comes to solar panels, many people have concerns about losing power due to cloudy weather. During those times, solar-powered well pumps can automatically supplement the difference by drawing from an alternative power source, like a battery bank, genset, or electrical grid backup. After nightfall, the solar panel pulls all of its energy from the power grid and consumes as little energy as possible. This way, the solar panel can maintain power at all hours of the day while ultimately minimizing costs.

Call Perry’s Pump Repair for Your Solar Powered Well Pump

Perry’s Pump Repair is here to help you and your family with all of your well pump needs, from well pump repairs to solar panel installation. Our team has over 30 years of experience and will appropriately size the solar arrays and racks for each pump. If you have any problems with your well pump, you can rest easy knowing that we offer the best warranty in town.