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Benefits Of Having An RO

Household drinking water purification systems like the RO have been universally used for purifying water for cleaning, drinking, and cooking.

Compact reverse osmosis water processors can be purchased for personal water purification. For example the island of Aruba gets all of its drinking water from and RO system.

When to Replace Your RO Water Filter

Most all RO filtration can be changed once a year making them very affordable solution for a bottled water type experience at your home or office. There are a few rare cases that require twice a year.

How A Reverse Osmosis System Works

A reverse osmosis membrane is able to remove very minute impurities and particles, leaving water that is safe to drink. In the household, the ROFS removes dissolved impurities in the water by putting the tap water through a membrane which allows water to pass, but not the solids or the impurities. The solids and impurities are separated and washed out down the drain.

Reverse osmosis filter systems may look alike because they have the same basic components and they all function the same way. The difference lies in the quality of their reverse osmosis water filters and membranes. Higher-quality filters and membranes can filter smaller particles. This difference has a major effect on the quality of the water produced by the system. Fewer impurities are produced by better water filtration systems.