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Well Videography In Action

One of our customers had black water, which happens when manganese and sulfur gas mix, leaving a black well stain. When a well is short cased, it doesn’t have enough casing and winds up pumping sediment. If the casing didn’t get seated properly in the rock to seal off the unconsolidated formation.

If your home is experiencing dirty water, insufficient water pressure, changes to the water quality, our cameras help us identify the problem quickly and determine a definitive solution to fix the issue. Rather than having to guess what’s wrong with your well, the visual evidence provided by the well camera lets us jump straight to solving!

Discover Issues

At Perry’s Pump Repair, we offer you optional well camera service and inspections. Our well cameras provide real time casing and well screen observation to discover cracks, holes, or corrosion. The camera allows for quick and accurate problem diagnoses and repair. With downviews to 360 degrees in full color, our team is able to see any problem your water system may be facing.

Buying a Home

If you’re purchasing a home, a camera well inspection can be invaluable in providing you with the following information for your water supply:

  • Pump age
  • Condition of the well’s interior and exterior
  • Total depth
  • Drop pipe condition

Ease Your Mind

The well camera takes the guesswork out of diagnosing any well issues. Even better, we offer DVR services and can give you a memory card with your well recording on it.

Perry’s Can Handle Any Home Water System Issue

Having clean, usable water at your home is invaluable. At Perry’s Pump Repair, we’re passionate about providing your family with water systems that serve you and you can trust for your peace of mind. Our comprehensive well-camera services allow us to do just that. Whether you need a well pump and drilling, water treatment, water pressure, and water storage tank, or water testing services, our expert team can reliably handle it for you. No matter how bad your water issue is, reach out to us and we can fix it!