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Importance of Well System Inspections in Florida

System inspections help homeowners know the quality of their well system. If the inspection reveals a problem, you know to get it fixed and prevent further damage to your well pump. Additionally, finding issues with the condition of your well may prevent illnesses that could be caused by poor water quality. If you do not have your well inspected once a year, you may unknowingly allow your contaminated water to make your family sick or cause irreparable damage to your pump which will require water well pump repairs in the future. If you experience any change in taste, turbidity, or odor in your water, you should contact a professional for a system inspection.

Well System Inspection Process

System inspections involve thoroughly analyzing different aspects of your well pump. First, above-ground needs to be analyzed for issues. Our inspector will check above-ground pumping components to see if the motors are venting properly. He will need to visually make sure there are no signs of leaks or rust. The above-ground wiring, pipes, gauges, and joint seals will additionally need to be investigated for issues that may lead to problems with leaks or lack of water pressure.

Within the well pump system, inspectors check for the water’s rate of flow in gallons per minute and the maximum pressure output to confirm the water in your pump is flowing properly. At Perry’s Pump Repair, we also investigate if there is an excess of friction loss in the pipes. As a well pump company, we will look at the pressure tank both pre-charge and drawdown. We will also note the quality of the water softeners and conditioners to sustain them in agreement with the instructions of the manufacturer. Finally, the water treatment equipment as well as the quality of the water itself.

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