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Protect Pumps, Pipes, Wells & More from Freezing Over

In states like Florida where the weather is typically warm and there is less preparation for freezing temperatures, the cold can sometimes present challenges. Many water systems are installed outside, above ground or partially above ground and can quickly freeze as soon as temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. If water pipes, water pumps, well systems, and water treatment systems are exposed to freezing temperatures without any protection or preparation it can spell disaster, turning a winter wonderland into a nightmare in an instant. We at Perry’s Pump Repair, a Gainesville well pump repair company, want to share tips to protect your pipes and pumps from the catastrophic effects of freezing temperatures.

Damages From Freezing Temperatures

The temperature doesn’t have to drop below 32 degrees for long for your water systems to feel the damaging effects, a few hours are enough to keep you from having water and render your system useless. If water freezes inside your pipes, pump, well system or water treatment system it will stop any water flow and even create cracks and bursts. When water freezes it expands while metals contract, this will cause enough pressure in your pump or pipes to break the cast iron. If the water flow inside the system is not completely frozen and a pipe bursts, it can leak water all over the surrounding area and if it happens inside a garage, or other enclosed area, then every surface that is wet is susceptible to freezing. Not only will the replacement costs for a new pump or system be expensive, but the damages due to water leaks might be as well.

What to do During Freezing Temperatures?

Water Pumps

In water pumps, there is always a small amount of water retained in the pipe connecting to the pressure switch. That water is very susceptible to freezing and once it does it will expand, preventing the pump from turning on. If the water in the pipe freezes, use a heat source such as a hairdryer to thaw it and get it working again. To avoid freezing, wrap the pipe with insulating materials and try to keep the pump next to a large heat source to keep the temperature above 32 degrees.

Jet pumps have water in them constantly and because of this they are especially vulnerable to freezing. If the water is not flowing, it should be turned off and kept next to a heat source. If it does freeze, it will most likely need to be replaced.

Water Treatment Systems

During freezing temperatures, if you are not using your water treatment system, such as a water softener, it should be turned off and allowed to drain. Even if the heat is on around it, if the water is not being used it is best to keep it off. This will reduce the risk of a pipe bursting from frozen water causing a leak and water damage to your home. If your water softener or other water treatment system should freeze, do not attempt to disassemble it; contact your pump repair Gainesville company instead.


To avoid pipes from freezing over, turn off your home’s main water valve or pump if not in use. Even if the pipes do freeze, it will greatly reduce the possible damages. For pipes that run outdoors, and even indoors, insulation can be applied either to the walls or directly to the pipes. Electrical heating cables are a great way to directly insulate pipes and the cables’ temperatures adjust automatically to the necessary heat output.

Be careful when applying heat sources to pumps, pipes or water systems if they are made of any FLammable materials or if they can easily melt as this can cause further damage.

Well Pump Repair Gainesville, FL, Residents can Trust

If your well, pump or water system sustained damages due to freezing temperatures, contact Perry’s Pump repair. We are a Gainesville well pump company with the experience, knowledge and drive to help you with any repairs or maintenance that you may need.

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