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Florida Well Water Issues

No matter how good the quality of your water was in the past, there is always the potential for your well water to become contaminated.

It is important to continue to have your water well pump repair company to check your water for potential elements that may cause harm to your family or house.

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City Water Issues in Florida

One common water issue in Florida is called hard water, which occurs when there is an excess of calcium and magnesium.

Though these metals are naturally found in water, an abundance of them can lead to buildup of lime scale on pipes which can cause permanent damage.

Lead is often found in older homes because it was used to secure copper pipes together, but if it begins to affect your water, it can be toxic and harmful for your family.

Well Water in Gainesville, FL

Iron and manganese are often found in groundwater and can cause the water to have a cloudy appearance.

A metallic taste and rust-colored stains may accompany the cloudy appearance, and residents may notice these stains on the plumbing, cookware and laundry.

Hydrogen sulfide is another contaminant often found in well water. It’s easy to identify because it smells like rotten eggs. It is also corrosive which can cause leaks in your pipes.

Organic matter can easily seep into groundwater and it can cause your water to have a moldy, fishy taste. Well water drawn from lakes or rivers may have issues with turbidity and sediment which involves various materials suspended in the water.

Coliform bacteria is found in wells and it hints there may be microbes present that cause illnesses.

Solutions for Water Contamination

The method you use to remove the impurity depends on the type. If you are unsure of the specific pollutant or of how to treat it, consult a Gainesville well pump repair company for an inspection. For toxins such as excess calcium, magnesium, iron, or manganese, you need to use an ion exchange water softener. The softener is filled with a sodium solution which replaces the contaminant in the water with the sodium.

A well pump company can assist you to use a multi-stage filtration system to remove hydrogen sulfide. The system begins with chlorination, then sedimentation and aeration filtering and finally uses an activated carbon filter remove the extra chlorine.

If your drinking water has organic matter, you can use an activated carbon filter to eliminate it. If this does not work, you can also use oxidizing filters in more extreme cases. Bacterial contamination will also need a disinfectant such as chlorine to purify it.

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