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Using a well pump as opposed to city water, helps you access clean water at a low cost. However, with a well pump you have the added responsibility to check for problems and make necessary repairs. Water is necessary for daily life; so if your pump stops producing water, it becomes a serious problem.

Any issues with your water may cause harm to your family. It is important to identify complications quickly so you can seek well pump repairs in Gainesville, FL. There are a variety of issues that may cause your pump to stop producing or spit water.

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What Causes Well Pump Problems

Pressure Tank

Your well pump system is dependent on its pressure tank. In order for water to be transferred from your pump to your faucets, the water must be pressurized. The tank keeps water pressurized until it is needed. Without the pressure tank operating properly, the pump will not either.

This problem could be caused by your pressure switch, which is a safeguard against a burst pipe. If too much water is drawn from the tank at once, it FLips the switch that causes the system to shut down. In most cases, this switch is on top of the feed line from the well tank. If it is resting parallel to the ground, it has been turned off. Call a Gainesville well pump repair professional if you need assistance resetting it.

Size of Your Pump

The size of your well pump is directly related to the size of your property and the amount of water you use. If it is too small, it will not be able to sustain your needs and will have issues as a result. If your house or your need for water grows, you may need a larger pump.

The average pump produces about 10 gallons of water per minute. However, if you need to feed animals or have a large amount of land, you will require more. If it is too small, you will need a water pump replacement in Gainesville, FL.

Electrical Failure

One main cause of well pump failure is lack of power. Without electricity, pumps are not able to function properly. First, verify that the electrical circuit has not been tripped. Then, call a well pump company expert to analyze the situation, because it can be extremely dangerous to attempt to fix electrical issues alone. If this occurs after a thunderstorm, it may have been caused by a lightning strike. A storm can damage the well pump or the wiring which feeds the submersible pump.

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