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Who doesn’t love a bit of rain every now and then? It waters the plants, cleans the air and renews our water supplies! However, renewed water supplies can sometimes come with their hassles. That’s where we at Perry’s Pump Repair can help with our Gainesville well pump repair services.

Water Testing During Rainy Seasons

You need to make sure your water is safe to use. With heavy rain, certain contaminants may find their way into your well water. Discoloration can be a sign of contamination, and without proper treatment, someone may become ill. Brownish water is likely the fast infiltration of rainwater from the surface, but could also be caused by a nearby failing septic system being overwhelmed by the rain. If you ever find your water to be a different color or shade, you should immediately contact Perry’s Pump Repair in Gainesville for water testing service and pump diagnosis, as this water could damage your health.

Contamination reaching into your well can, however, be mitigated with proper pump maintenance during the rainy season. To begin, you should inspect your pump regularly so that you can become aware should anything go awry. Second, ensure that the area surrounding your pump is clear of excrement, pesticides, trash and other possible contaminants. It’s also essential to maintain proper drainage away from the well as contaminated rainwater can quickly run into your well water if not kept in check.

Well & Pump Maintenance

If these maintenance tasks are already practiced regularly, you can diagnose common causes of contamination during times of heavy rain and runoff by checking to see if you have a defective well casing or a missing/damaged well cap. These issues can usually be fixed rather easily if the well isn’t too defective. However, sometimes the damage may be extreme and an entire well may need to be newly dug out. With our knowledge and experience, our team of technicians here at Perry’s Pump Repair will quickly determine the cause of the contamination to see what needs to be done.

Contact A Pump Repair Professional

Although prevention is usually the best course of action, sometimes the damage has already been done and the water is in some serious need of sterilization; our treatment programs can help. We offer a variety of water purification techniques to help you get the cleanest water possible and ensure your health and safety. From water softeners that remove calcium, lime, magnesium and other different minerals to water chlorination that eliminates bacterial contamination, we have what it takes to restore your water’s purity. If you are in need of well pump repair in Florida during the rainy season, contact Perry’s Pump Repair so that we can clear the cloudiness from your day as well as your water.

Call in the Professionals at Perry’s Pump Repair for All Your Water Pump Maintenance Needs

A tripped water pump circuit breaker can be quite frustrating. Not only does it indicate a problem, but it keeps water from flowing into your home. While we may not be electricians, we are well pump experts, and we can tell you what needs to happen next. We’ll help you identify what the issue is, how to fix it, and treat it to last with our warranty guarantee if we can help. Call us today to see how we can help keep your water pump properly functioning and maintained.

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