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A Reason to Regularly Test Your Water You May Not Know About

There are many reasons you should have your home’s water regularly tested, including for drinkability and to test for harmful chemicals. But there is an additional reason — a big one — you may not know about. You should also have your water regularly tested because if your neighbor has a hole in their well casing, your well could become contaminated too. Read on to learn more about why it is important to always know the condition of your home’s potable water.

Understanding Well Casings

First, you may wonder what a well casing is and why it is important for the healthiness of your water. This steel pipe is put in place at the sides of your home’s drilled well to provide the following functions:

  • Seal and support the sides.
  • Maintain the borehole’s size.
  • Prevent borehole collapse.
  • Be a pump enclosure.
  • Act as a conduit for water flow from the inlet to the pump. 
  • Prevent contaminants from entering your water.

The casing is then topped with a cap to help control water pressure as it is pumped through.

Why Would a Neighbor’s Well Affect Mine?

Unfortunately, all wells drilled into the same aquifer are subject to contamination from neighboring wells. So, if a neighbor has a hole in their well casing or their well is compromised in some other way without them being willing or able to fix it, your drinking water may be contaminated without you realizing it. 

What Causes Well Casing Leaks?

What causes steel water well casing leaks? Corrosion, stones pressing against the outside, a failing seam, construction work being done nearby, or even lightning can cause casing leaks. And the well casing’s aboveground components are even more vulnerable to incurring damage from the elements.

How Can I Tell If I Have a Well Casing Leak?

It is not always obvious you have a well casing leak. Rather, you may notice subtle signs such as a gradual water flow decrease, visible sediment in the water you receive into your home, a frequent need to replace your filters, or other signs of contamination. 

How Do I Fix Well Casing Leaks?

Fixing well casing leaks can be as simple as a repair sleeve or well liner, but in extreme cases, the problem could be as bad as requiring a new well to be dug. It is essential to stay ahead of any issues and catch them early before they worsen and become costly or more difficult to repair.

How to Ensure Your Well Water Is Safe

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to be confident that your family’s potable water is safe. Periodic well water testing is recommended, and treatment installation options are available to protect your well water from bacterial infiltration. One such treatment is a chemical injection, although a chemical-free option is available depending on the specific needs of your home’s water. 

Perry’s Keeps Your Water Clean — Even If Your Neighbors Don’t

When it comes to keeping your family’s well water safe, Perry’s Pump Repair has you covered. We can knowledgeably design the best system for your needs, and we offer free quotes. In addition, we can do periodic testing for bacteria for a fee or train you on how to test your own water. We are your comprehensive well pump servicer, offering well pump drilling and repair, water treatment and filter systems, water storage and pressure tanks, and preventative maintenance. Contact us today to schedule your well water testing. Perry’s helps you offer your family — and neighbors — the cleanest, safest drinking water possible.

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