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In today’s world, fresh, pure water is no longer guaranteed. More and more of our water sources have become contaminated by a variety of pollutants limiting the amount of sources we can draw water from. However, these supplies will not last forever so we must turn to other alternatives. If your water source, whether from the city or well, is contaminated by bacteria, chemicals, viruses and salt, reverse osmosis filtrations systems might be a helpful solution.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Though you have heard the term before, you may be wondering what the exact definition of reverse osmosis is. To understand reverse osmosis, it might be beneficial to first learn about regular osmosis. Water naturally wants to achieve a sense of equilibrium. Pure water, referred to as a solvent, is placed on one side and water with contaminants in it, referred to as solutes, are placed on opposite sides. A semipermeable membrane, made of various materials, divides the two solutions and is used to filter out unwanted pollutants. The side with the solutes has a higher concentration. Because water wants to equalize itself, the water from the lower concentration will pass through the membrane in order to weaken the higher concentrated side. Reverse osmosis uses pressure to create the opposite effect. Pressure is applied to the higher concentrated side, which counteracts water’s natural tendency to regulate itself. Instead of water from the side with low concentration moving to the side with the higher concentration, the movement is reversed. The pure solvent (water) is forced through the permeable membrane and leaves the solutes (dissolved materials) behind.

How Can This System Benefit My Home?

A reverse osmosis filtration system has potential to greatly enhance the quality of your well pump water. It filters out hazardous materials from your water and consequently improve the taste, appearance and odor of your water. Though the upfront cost of this system may be a bit expensive, it has a long lifespan of about 10 years to 15 years and it tends to require minimal maintenance. It has been found that whole house reverse osmosis systems can remove up to 99 percent of contaminants from your supply. You will not have to purchase separate filters for your faucets and shower because all of your water will be purified from one central spot. Additionally, with a reverse osmosis filtration system, you will have peace knowing your loved ones are drinking pure water.

How Do I Install a System in My House?

Once you decide that you would enjoy the benefits of a whole house reverse osmosis system, you must find the right team to install it for you. Our pump repair company is family-owned and run and attempts to provide superior customer service so you never have to question the results. We can assist you install and maintain a reverse osmosis system in your home using the latest tactics and superior materials. Contact us today to learn more about how reverse osmosis may benefit your family.

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