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Do you notice that your well water pump constantly runs and never shuts off? If so, it can quickly become more just than a nuisance that affects your water supply – it can also astronomically increase your electric bill. If your well pump never stops, some common causes could be to blame. Read on to learn more about what leads to these well pump problems. 

Causes of an Endlessly Cycling Well Pump

Damaged Pump

Well pumps wear out over time, as with most home equipment. If your well pump has mechanical damage, it will not be able to increase the water pressure to the level needed for the control switch to know it needs to cut off. 

Dropped Water Level 

Your well pump relies on its flow rate, or the amount of water that regularly comes into the pump, to function. If your well water level is too low or the flow rate is inefficient, it will cause your well pump to run continually. 

Leaking Drop Pipe

Another common cause of non-stop well pump running is a hole in your well’s drop pipe. The drop pipe is what goes from your well’s pump to its top, allowing the submersible pump to send water from the well’s bottom to its pressure tank. Older wells may use galvanized metal for the pipe, which can develop a pinhole leak that grows over time. When this happens, some water will continue to flow back into the well, making it impossible for the well pump to attain sufficient pressure for cutoff. 

Prime Loss

Generally speaking, if an issue arises with your pump’s prime, or the well’s ability to remove air and replace it with water, you likely have a jet pump system. Your system’s intake pipe should always have water in it to be able to suction well water into your home’s waterline. If this suction line has a leak, your well pump has lost prime, and it will run without turning off. 

Open Plumbing Fixtures or Leaks

One of the most obvious culprits of your well water pump running constantly is from a plumbing fixture that has either been left open or is leaking. A smart first step is to ensure faucets and taps are turned off and also inspect appliances that use water, such as your dishwasher, washing machine, water heater, or outdoor sources like sprinklers or hoses. If any of these is on, it can also cause your well pump to stay on. 

Bring in the Professionals

There are various solutions for your always-on well water pump issues, but they are dependent on the cause. For example, if your well pump runs endlessly because of a drop pipe leak and you have galvanized metal piping, it may need to be replaced with PVC pipes. If the cause is the pressure control switch, you need a professional to inspect it to adjust the settings or replace the switch if it’s faulty. Regardless of the reason, you need a professional to inspect your well pump to advise on the best solution, which could range from minor repairs to total replacement. 

Perry’s Will Fix Your Constantly Running Well Water Pump  

If you notice that your well pump is always on, this isn’t a problem you want to ignore. Not only can it impact your home’s potable and usable water stock, but it can also end up costing you big bucks in added utility costs or worsening damage that affects your entire well. Don’t wait to reach out to your trusted Perry’s Pump Repair team today to schedule an inspection so you can get your well pump running as it should again.

Call in the Professionals at Perry’s Pump Repair for All Your Water Pump Maintenance Needs

A tripped water pump circuit breaker can be quite frustrating. Not only does it indicate a problem, but it keeps water from flowing into your home. While we may not be electricians, we are well pump experts, and we can tell you what needs to happen next. We’ll help you identify what the issue is, how to fix it, and treat it to last with our warranty guarantee if we can help. Call us today to see how we can help keep your water pump properly functioning and maintained.

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