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When Should I Boil My Water?

Sometimes unforeseen complications arise and the safety of your drinking water becomes compromised. In moments like this, it is of high importance that precautionary measures are taken to protect your health. Having contaminated water and not knowing it can quickly leave you and your family sick. It is important to always test your water and perform maintenance on your system so your water is always safe to drink. Boiling water is a great way to purify your drinking water if it ever becomes contaminated and you have no other way of filtering your water source. At Perry’s Pump Repair, we provide well services and pump repair Gainesville, FL, residents can rely on.

Common Reasons to Boil Water in Florida

Boiling your water shouldn’t be your everyday method of purifying it. However, sometimes problems occur unexpectedly and the safety of your drinking water becomes compromised. In Florida, there are various issues that can make water unsafe to drink and it is important to know how they can happen and how to look out for them. If your water becomes contaminated or there is probable cause for it, be sure to boil it before drinking.

  • Hurricanes are common in Florida and they can quickly contaminate your water source. With the excess rain and wind from hurricanes, flooding and runoff are typical. This unpurified water can seep into your water source and contaminate it entirely.
  • Sinkholes don’t occur very often, however, Florida is prone to them. If a sinkhole occurs near your water source, it is important to have it tested and purified before drinking. Sinkholes cause a lot of damage and can cause waste water to leak from pipes as well as cause runoff that could seep into your water supply.
  • Florida, especially northern Florida, is pretty big on farming. Having your well near dairy or livestock though can be dangerous as it is common for animal waste to seep into the ground and contaminate drinking water.
  • Algal blooms can occur in Florida for a number of reasons and some algae can be toxic. If you notice algae growth of any color in your water source or surrounding waterways, your water could be contaminated.

Ensuring Water Safety

Water is necessary for sustaining life, so it is important to keep your water clean at all times. One shouldn’t rely simply on boiling their drinking water unless there is no other choice. There are various water purifiers and filters that you can have installed to ensure the safety of your water. Having your water treated by a professional company is another great way of making sure it is safe to drink. At Perry’s Pump Repair, we provide well water testing as well as install water treatment systems so that your water is always clean.

Gainesville Water Well Service

If your water well ever experiences any issues, don’t hesitate to have the problem fixed. Waiting could contaminate your water supply and put you and your family at risk. Instead, contact Perry’s Pump Repair for all your Gainesville water pump services.

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