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Well Pump Installation

Trust Perry’s Pump Repair for Your Water Pump Installation

well pump installation new well pump Perry's Pump Repair Gainesville, FL Perry’s Pump Repair is a family-owned business serving the needs of the citizens of Gainesville, FL, and the surrounding Florida counties for more than 30 years. If your well pump is functioning inefficiently or has not been serviced recently, contact us for an evaluation and any necessary repairs.

We service many types of well pumps, including submersible, turbine and jet style. We use only the best pumps available so you can depend on your water supply without worrying about breakdowns. No matter your well pump installation needs, our team of knowledgeable technicians can get your water supply flowing again!

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Types of Water Pumps We Install

Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are an ideal selection for deep well pump installation, as these hermetically sealed pumping devices function by pushing water up rather than pulling or sucking it. Submersibles never need priming and deliver terrific volume and pressure. Most submersible pumps used in water wells are multi-stage pumps used to build pressure and allow submersible pumps to pump water over greater distances than turbine or jet style pumps. The primary causes of damage to submersible pumps include the failure of the hermetic seal, which allows water into the chambers containing the electric motor or damage to the electrical cables. Great care must be taken to protect the electric cabling when planning a submersible pump installation.

Jet Pumps

A one-line jet pump can draw or pull water from a maximum depth of twenty-four four feet below the level of the pump. One line jet pumps can generate approximately 50 psi depending on the level of the water in the well. A two-line jet pump functions in a similar manner but returns a portion of the water drawn back to the well to generate force. This additional water force allows the jet pump to draw water from deeper than twenty-four feet.

When installing a well pump, keep in mind that jet pumps need to be primed, unlike submersible pumps. Other jet pump challenges or failures include attempting to draw from too deep a well, a poorly fitting suction pipe (suction pipes must be at least the diameter of the intake tube or larger, or the suction action will be restricted.) Additionally, the suction pipe must be completely airtight, or the pump will not function properly as it cannot build enough pressure to reach a shut-off point.

Turbine Pumps

A turbine pump consists of a rotating shaft, an impeller, and a motor. Depending on the design, there may be multiple impellers within the body of the pump known as stages. The pump moves fluid through the water intake point by the spinning action of the impellers, either once or through stages, and discharges the water to the next step in the water delivery system. When studying how to install a well pump, it’s important to remember that turbine pumps are generally installed above the water level. However submersible types of turbine pumps are available as well.

Our Well Pumps Are Second to None With Fewer Breakdowns Than Other Pumps! 

Want to have round-the-clock defense and technology monitoring your well pump? The Pentair Pentek Well Defender is a digital pressure switch we offer as an upgrade to your installation. Receive notifications on your mobile device, seal against pest infiltration, and implement smart shutoff when potentially damaging conditions are detected. Ask your Perry’s team about the Pentek Well Defender to learn more.

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Whatever your well pump situation is, Perry’s Pump Repair offers the best advice for your water pump installation questions. Should your well pump seem to be struggling under load or failing altogether, contact Perry’s for great service and expertise on your water pump replacement.

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