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Did you know that despite being known as the month with “showers,” April is actually one of the driest months of the year?

During this time of year, the weather warms up groundwater and more easily releases it, while major bodies of water haven’t yet heated up enough to contribute to the overall precipitation and humidity like they do in the summer. Essentially, it’s too hot to maintain moisture but not hot enough to kickstart evaporation.

Because of this, April has been dubbed “Water Conversation Month.” Read on to learn how you can conserve your well water. 

Why Should You Conserve Well Water?

Despite not sharing their water supply with the city, well owners aren’t exempt from the benefits of saving water. Wells can become overpumped and dry up due to drier conditions, electricity costs can go up from a pump running, and overuse can lead to longer-term issues with your equipment!

All this means is that conserving water can save you money, save you time, and save your personal water supply. So, save your future self some trouble and read on for our tips on conserving water with a well pump.

Tips for Saving Water

Maintain Your Well

Conserving water can be as easy as being a good well owner. When water leaks, it wastes clean resources and also likely damages whatever it touches – your pipes, wood, even creating the beginnings of a sinkhole. We have multiple guides regarding well pump maintenance because the moment there is something amiss, it can create big issues with leaking water and system failure.

Keeping up with your regular well pump maintenance ensures no extra water lost to small issues in your system. 

Fix Problems ASAP

If you do find yourself with a larger issue, get it fixed as soon as possible to ensure no extra water is wasted. A frequent problem we see at Perry’s Pump Repair are well pumps that won’t stop running. A running well pump can result from multiple issues in any part of your well system.

Not only can it cause lasting damage to your home, but this problem usually results in a much higher electric bill as well. A pump draws water from your own supply, keeping you from paying a water bill. However, they do use the city’s electricity any time it’s being run, which can easily impact your electric bill for that month. The best solution in times like these is to call a 24-hour service to discern the root issue and stop your water from getting wasted and your electric bill from going up.

Use Natural Resources

We have all been guilty of not checking the weather before watering our plants or running the sprinklers, but small steps can go a long way in water conservation. Make it a habit to keep an eye on the weather so you can use your water efficiently and avoid overwatering. 

Going a step further, you can even implement a rain barrel to save water for the next time you need to water your garden or wash the dirt off your car. Rain barrels collect rainwater and often have a hose attached for easy re-use in all your outdoor tasks. Any amount of water saved can be used to give your aquifer a much-needed break.

Be Thoughtful

The number one best tip for conserving your water is simply thinking about it! Making a difference in your water usage can be as easy as scraping food off your plate instead of rinsing it with water. The Southwest Florida Water Management District has a great list of tips for ways you can start thinking about conserving water in your everyday life.

Some of their recommendations include:

Save Water With a Well

Doing your part to save well water during the dry months can help reduce the stress on aquifers and keep your and your neighbors’ wells from running dry. It may seem like a nuisance at first, but the lasting consequences of not thinking ahead can be devastating.

We are always looking for ways to keep your well system running at peak performance so you can keep your water running efficiently. If you’d like to talk with our well pump experts about how you can save more water with a well, give us a call at (352) 316-4088.

Call in the Professionals at Perry’s Pump Repair for All Your Water Pump Maintenance Needs

A tripped water pump circuit breaker can be quite frustrating. Not only does it indicate a problem, but it keeps water from flowing into your home. While we may not be electricians, we are well pump experts, and we can tell you what needs to happen next. We’ll help you identify what the issue is, how to fix it, and treat it to last with our warranty guarantee if we can help. Call us today to see how we can help keep your water pump properly functioning and maintained.

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