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Spring Well Maintenance

Gainesville Well Inspections

As spring arrives, so does the need for an annual water well checkup. Millions of U.S. households rely on water wells for their water supply, so it’s important to make sure that your well is up and running before the peak water use season begins. After all, preventative maintenance is better than emergency maintenance and it will help prolong the life of your well. For a professional water well inspection, contact Perry’s Pump Repair, a Gainesville pump repair company. We have the tools and experience to make sure your well is working correctly and providing clean, safe water.

Common Water Well Issues

Water wells should be routinely inspected to ensure that there are no mechanical breakdowns, no water contamination and to prolong the life of service. Any issues found, even small problems, should be addressed immediately as they can later turn into major, costly repairs if neglected.

Look for Damages

Now that possible freezing temperatures are no longer a worry, it is time to remove well coverings and insulation to check the well head. Give your wellhead a visual inspection, look for any cracks or water leaks. During the winter, if the temperature drops enough for water to freeze it can cause the water inside the well to expand and crack your well. Any damage or corrosion to the well casing could severely impact your system and even render it useless. Also check for any cracks on surface seals. If any of the above damages are observed, it will most likely have to be professionally repaired or replaced. Contact a water well company, Perry’s Pump Repair can help you with any necessary well pump repairs.

Avoid Stagnant Water & Runoff

Ensure that the area around the wellhead is sloped to avoid any stagnant water around it. As spring rains begin, surface runoff could gather around your well. Sitting water with pesticides, fertilizers, leaves and other organic matter, especially from animals, will begin to decompose and could potentially contaminate your water supply if it sits there long enough to find a way in. Your well’s casing should also be sufficiently high to keep out any water that passes through the area.

Water Quality

Water quality should be checked for any change in color, odor, or taste. Changes in your water’s pH levels can affect the way water looks and tastes. If the pH of your water is either too low or too high it can damage the pipes and even corrode them, leading to contamination that could leave you sick. A water pH test kit is a fast and easy way to help you determine your water’s levels. Seeking professional water treatment in Gainesville, FL, can ensure that your water is free of any harmful bacteria and other possible contaminants.

Water Pump Services in Gainesville, FL

While it is important for you to routinely check on your well for any damages or issues, a thorough inspection should always be conducted by a professional company. Repairs and replacements can be tricky and the risk of accidentally contaminating your water supply in the process could be high. Contact Perry’s Pump Repair today for a water pump installation, repair or inspection this spring season!

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