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If you have a water well system at your home, one of the worst things that can happen is that you cannot access that water due to an emergency or malfunction. Submersible pumps and other electric options work exceptionally well, but not when your power goes out.

In these instances, a hand water well pump can make all the difference in you and your family continuing to have potable water to use for bathing, drinking, and running appliances. Read on to learn more about a hand pump water well and why it’s so important. 

What Is a Water Well Hand Pump?

A hand pump or manual pump comprises the following parts and allows you to move small amounts of water with minimal force. 

How the Hand Pump Works

The lever of the hand pump raises, pushing the piston down. Subsequently, water goes through the tubes, and the washer rises from the water pressure, creating a suction effect. As the washer and lever lower, it cuts off the water flow, which accumulates in the pump. As this process is repeated, the water level increases and begins to exit the outlet valve. 

The Advantages of a Hand Pump

Ease of Use

A hand pump pumps water from the well with minimal effort, as the water flow is less than that of automatic devices. Further, the hand pump devices are simple to operate and provide access to enough water to serve communities quickly and easily. 

Efficient and Versatile

Hand pumps can reach a pumping capacity of up to 1,100 liters and can be used in domestic, gardening, and construction applications, to name just a few. Today’s hand pumps are made from lighter and stronger materials allowing for more efficient operations. 


Hand pumps are made with materials that are resistant to environmental factors, including humidity, allowing them to be used in a variety of spaces. Further, they have become more affordable and accessible while consuming less energy. 

Trust Perry’s for Your Hand Pump Water Well Needs

Depending on its size, flow rate, and pressure withstanding capability, a manual water pump effectively extracts well water. At Perry’s Pump Repair, we prefer Simple Pump because their self-priming and aerospace-grade, lead-free stainless steel construction make them a reliable, high-quality product when your well loses power. Simple Pump offers both shallow well pumps that can pump to a static water level of 25 feet and deep well hand pumps that go as deep as 325 feet. Even better, Simple Pump’s process and components are Safe Drinking Water Act compliant.

If you’re ready to add a hand pump to your existing well or build a new hand pump water well, rely on the experienced team at Perry’s. We’ll help you choose the best options for you and your family, then expertly install, maintain, and repair your water well systems. Contact us today to get a quote, schedule service, or have your questions answered.

Call in the Professionals at Perry’s Pump Repair for All Your Water Pump Maintenance Needs

A tripped water pump circuit breaker can be quite frustrating. Not only does it indicate a problem, but it keeps water from flowing into your home. While we may not be electricians, we are well pump experts, and we can tell you what needs to happen next. We’ll help you identify what the issue is, how to fix it, and treat it to last with our warranty guarantee if we can help. Call us today to see how we can help keep your water pump properly functioning and maintained.

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